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"All roads lead to The Hunt Club"

He used to work in transport, but nowadays Alan Peck is finding himself walking more than ever since he and wife Roslyn moved to The Hunt Club.

“Everything we need is right here on our doorstep,” Alan says.

“You don’t have to go far for anything.”

Alan and Roslyn sold their 2½ acre property in Pearcedale, with the intention of bringing themselves closer to their daughter Julie and two young grand-daughters Isabella and Alysha. The Pecks also have two adult sons, Gary and Greg, who live nearby in Cranbourne South.

Alan and Roslyn had been at their Pearcedale property for thirty five years, but had reached a time in life where they wanted an easier lifestyle.

“I have retired but do find myself still helping out my boys who also work in transport. But that main reason behind our move was to be able to help out Julie and her girls wherever needed,” Alan explains.

“When I was working, I was hardly ever home and pretty much missed out on seeing our own kids grow up. So, there was no way I was going to let the same thing happen with our grand-children.”

After deciding to build, the Pecks checked the land availability at The Hunt Club, which was at the top of daughter Julie’s wish-list.

“Alan and I knew about The Hunt Club through friends, but so much had changed since we had last visited there,” Roslyn says.

“I could remember it as a much younger estate several years ago, but of course now it is nearly fully developed,” she adds.   

One of the major drawcards for the Peck family was the availability of a local kindergarten and both Primary and Secondary schools at The Hunt Club.

“The fact that you have schools for all levels of education within the estate was important to Julie and to us,” Roslyn comments.

“We knew that Cranbourne East Primary and Secondary are both new schools which have already gained an excellent reputation.”

It did not take long for Alan and Roslyn to agree that The Hunt Club was the right location to start a new chapter in their life. They purchased two adjacent corner blocks in the same street, with one being for themselves and the other for Julie’s family.

The construction of both homes was completed in the first half of 2014, with Alan and Roslyn choosing a double-story design and Julie a single-storey house. Since moving in, the Pecks are delighted to say that life at The Hunt Club has so far exceeded their expectations.

“It’s been better than we could have expected,” Roslyn states.

“We are so close to the schools which are only a short walk away for taking the girls or picking them up.”

Isabella is enrolled in Prep at Cranbourne East Primary School and Alysha has started at the Kindergarten at The Hunt Club Children’s Centre.

“Both of the girls love it here and Isabella has gone ahead in leaps and bounds at the Primary School,” Alan says.

Roslyn says there are many other factors which are also helping to make their new life at The Hunt Club so enjoyable.

“We like the fact that we have a bus stop right near our house and as well as being right next door to Julie and the girls, our two sons and their families are also only ten minutes away. It’s also very convenient for my netball matches which I play nearby at Casey RACE.”

Alan says the people of The Hunt Club community have made his family feel incredibly welcome.

“The estate has a very peaceful, quiet feel and the neighbours are amazing, just the friendliest people you could hope to meet. Everybody’s been terrific, which has topped it all off for us.”


“Enjoy the lifestyle at The Hunt Club”

Follow the road to The Hunt Club

Narendra and Anitha Hiranyahalli bought a stunning family house and land package at The Hunt Club in 2009.

Many of the couple’s friends have purchased homes in The Hunt Club as well, and the couple enjoy a network of friends who share their Indian heritage as well as those from other cultures. “I have a circle of friends here and we love it,” says Narendra.

Their daughter Lucky attends Cranbourne East Primary School, which was a key drawcard for Narendra and Anitha. They also mention the helpful team who assisted in choosing the right house and land package for the family as well as the chance to secure an affordable family home with many local amenities nearby. With Narendra working in Clayton and Anitha in Springvale, The Hunt Club gives them an easy commute to work.

The couple love The Hunt Club so much they’ve recommended it widely; at last count eight friends and family had purchased homes and land here on their advice.

“We loved it immediately”

Love at first sight

After their wedding in 2009, Sovan and Leakhena Chau dreamed of owning a family home. Living with family for two years helped them save the funds to make their dream a reality.

On inspection of The Hunt Club, the decision to build their dream home was easy.

“We had been looking at display homes and liked that The Hunt Club offered house and land packages with a variety of builders. Although we considered other estates, The Hunt Club provided what we were looking for and was within our budget,” says Sovan.

Since moving in in 2012, the couple have enjoyed their modern, newly constructed home and the many facilities on their doorstep, as well as the welcoming locals. “It’s a friendly neighbourhood, yet nice and quiet,” says Sovan. “Our neighbours are friendly and approachable.”

The couple both work in Melbourne’s CBD and commute to work together. They intend to start a family in the coming years, and appreciate the many childcare and educational facilities within The Hunt Club.

“In terms of facilities, everything is close here,” says Sovan. “It is good that child care facilities and schools are already established here,” Leakhena adds.

The couple enjoy the recreational spaces, parks and basketball courts just around the corner from home, and look forward to spending time with their children when they come along. “It’s great to have those things close by,” says Sovan.

With a great home and wonderful facilities on hand, the couple have no intentions of leaving The Hunt Club. “I don’t think we will be going anywhere for quite some time,” concludes Sovan.